Water Heating

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Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses a specific energy source to heat water up above its natural temperature. The main uses for heating water is usually for cooking, cleaning and for heating up a living space with radiators.


Domestic Water Heating:


Domestic water heating is usually heated in a vessel and was traditionally heated in pots, cauldrons, copper or kettles. These metal vessels do not provide a continuous supply of heat and once the source of heat has been removed, they will cool down quite rapidly.


Continuous Supply of Heated Water:


There are many different appliances that we can help you to choose from which offer you a continuous supply of heated water. We have extensive background knowledge on water heaters, boilers, hot water tanks, heat exchangers.


Fossil Fuels:


Fossil fuels such as natural gas,  liquefied petroleum and also solid fuels such as wood & coal, are the most commonly used fuels which are used for heating water. They can be consumed directly or may be turned into electricity that will heat up the water.


Storage Water Heaters:


Storage water heaters (Tank types) are usually used for household or commercial uses. They are a cylindrical vessel or container that will keep water continuously hot and ready to use at all times. The most common sizes of a storage water heater for domestic properties is usually between 75 to 400 litres.


Tankless Heaters:


Tankless water heaters also known as: instantaneous, continuous,  flow, in-line, flash, on-demand or instant hot water heaters are becoming ever more popular. High powered water heaters heat the water as it passes through the device instantly and do not retain any water internally; only what is in the heat exchange coil. Tankless heaters in a domestic property can usually have more than one point of use (POU) far from a central water heater, the alternative is to use a lager model that can provide hot water for the whole house or property. Here at Warmhouse Services Ltd, our skilled and dedicated team are here to assist you with any questions you may have to discuss what your best are for your home; whether having a boiler replacement or repair.


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