Power Flushing

Power flushing is simply a deep cleaning of your central heating system. During a power flush, and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your radiators at high pressure.

Your central heating system can sometimes become clogged with sludge, rust and other debris which will cause your heating system to work less efficiently or break down completely. A power flush will clear out any blockages or sludge from your entire heating system including radiators, pipes, heat exchangers and coils. It is a beneficial procedure to ensure your central heating is running quick and efficient. Here at Warmhouse Services, we can get your central heating working smooth and efficiently again by giving it a well needed power flush. There are some key tell-tale signs which will help you identify if your system needs a power flush.


These are:

Cold spots on the radiator:

If you feel the radiators and find that some areas are hotter than others. Radiators should be the same temperature all over it.


A noisy boiler:

Strange and excessive noise from the boiler indicates that there is a blockage of sludge which needs clearing.


The room taking a long time to heat up:

Your radiators will be taking longer than usual to heat up and some rooms may feel colder than others.


If you notice any these problems then it is vital that you consider a power flush. If the problem is ignored then a wide range of further problems could develop such as efficiency problems which will highly increase fuel consumption, therefore costing you a small fortune in fuel bills and system repair bills. The blockages can also cause failures in pumps, valves and heat exchangers and inevitably your boiler, which will be very costly to repair or replace. Even with a boiler replacement, the blockages will still be there and your new boiler will have a short shelf life. Pin holes in radiators are another concerning problem. The sludge found built up in your radiators is similar to black oil and will damage anything it leaks onto such as your carpets and flooring .


Power flushing can be a great solution to your central heating problems or an essential preventative measure to take. There are many benefits from having a power flush.

The benefits are:


  • Saves money on fuel consumption:

When your heating system is running more clean and efficiently, it doesn’t need to use as much fuel to heat your home, therefore saving you money.


  • Your home warms-up faster:

Your pumps, valves and pipes will be free of blockages and will be able to run faster, which regulates heat into your radiators quickly.


  • Quiet boiler:

The annoyance of a loud boiler can be frustrating for anyone. A power flush will ensure your boiler runs quietly, giving you that much deserved peace.


  • Lessbreakdowns or repairs:

Having a power flush will keep your system in good condition and less repairs or breakdowns will occur. No leaks or spillages from radiators will occur,

pin holes in radiators will less likely form, giving you less risk of sludge spillages in your home.


A power flush can take on average 6-8 hours depending on the size of your central heating system. However, larger systems can take a few days. It is therefore important that you do not ignore any problems or signs that your heating system is not working efficiently. It is advised that you book a power flush with Warmhouse Services Waltham Abbey, this will keep your central heating in tip-top condition and running efficiently.


If you would like any more information or would like to book a power flush, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Warmhouse Services. We will be happy to answer any queries and give you professional helpful advice. We also cover: Essex, North & East London and Hertfordshire.